Your Blog Assistant - Sheri Prest-Herman

Your Blog Assistant – Sheri Prest-Herman

Your Blog Assistant specializes in answering beginner blogging and social media questions.

You may have selected your niche, purchased your domain and hosting, and even begun setting up your WordPress platform blog but wonder, “Now what?”

There are so many questions rolling around in your head and you wonder how and where to find the best information to continue the process. It seems overwhelming but you are determined to keep going!

You’ve come to the right place because I’ve got some great answers for you!

My name is Sheri and I’ve been working for 4+ years as a blog assistant for websites in various niches such as education, lifestyle, health & wellness, and woman’s ministry. It’s my desire to use this experience to assist you in your beginning blogging efforts.

You will find answers here for:
-Finding and creating content
-Formatting and posting your articles
-Performing social media activities
-Best resources, tips and products I’ve found that will help you in all of these tasks.
-And much more!

I’m here to help you find answers and get results!

I would love to connect with you! Send me a message or join me on your favorite social channels:

I look forward to serving you!

Sheri Prest-Herman




P.S. Disclosure–

The content I create here may be sponsored or contain affiliate links to services, products or brands I’ve purchased, use, or trust.  

My intent is to post information and resources that will benefit you. Honest feedback is my policy and I will never recommend something that I wouldn’t use myself–paid or not paid. 

By using my affiliate links, you are helping to support my website and my work as Your Blog Assistant, something that I have been passionate about for years. THANK YOU!

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