The Bootstrap VAThere are many work from home opportunities out there, but one alternative is to become a virtual assistant (VA). This is a great option for people from all kinds of occupations. Of course there are factors that need to be taken into consideration before quitting your day job, but it’s something to evaluate to see if it’s for you.

Lisa Morosky, VA and Author, spells out these considerations as well as everything she’s learned and experienced as a virtual assistant in her ebook called The Bootstrap VA. This guide will show you how to become a virtual assistant from the foundation up. Some of my favorite topics she discusses are:

1. Web Work and being a Virtual Assistant – Lisa gives pretty detailed definitions of what web work entails as well as what it means to be a VA. She looks at web working myths, what’s needed to be a VA, how to gain the trust of clients, and ways to fail. She also lists potential industries VAs can work in. In fact, one of Lisa’s best recommendations is to specialize. Some of these specialties are real estate, insurance, accounting, or other less-traditional areas such as web design, social media or blog assisting.

2. Tools and Equipment Needed – There are not that many things you need to get started as a VA, but Lisa gives her recommendations on the absolute basics and then lists others you may want to add after you’ve gotten established.

3. Business Policies – Your business policies are part of your business plan and have to be thought out and put in place ahead of time so that you know how to handle situations that come up with clients. Although everyone’s policies will look different, there are some very basic questions you need to answer via your policies such as when and how you are going to get paid, hours of operation, communication methods, and more.

The Bootstrap VA4. Advice from Virtual Assistants and Clients – It’s great to hear what other veteran VAs have to say as well as get client’s perspectives on virtual assistant work. This gives us a more “real world” look at the industry and it’s needs.

5. Checklist (or Reading Guide) – At the very end of the book, Lisa includes a 30-Day Reading Guide and Action Plan, which for me has become a checklist. This is a great way to go through the book a second time and implement anything you haven’t already.

Speaking of implementing, Lisa provides plenty of resources to supplement each chapter so that you have the kind of information you need to take action.

Here’s the official book description and below that are two excerpts you can read.

Official Book Description

The Bootstrap VA: The Go-Getter’s Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant, Getting and Keeping Clients, and More! is a 154-page, organized brain dump of everything Lisa Morosky has learned and experienced (and what she wishes someone had told her) over her four years of building, growing, downsizing, and repositioning a business as a virtual assistant.

The eBook includes chapters on creating your business plan, setting up your business offline and online, getting clients, working with and keeping clients, alternative income streams for virtual assistants, and more. It also includes interviews with successful virtual assistants, interviews with clients who utilize a virtual assistant, resources at the end of most chapters, a 30-day reading guide and action plan, and access to The Bootstrap VA Facebook Group where readers can bounce ideas off of each other, ask Lisa questions, and get the support needed no matter where they are in the process of becoming and working as a virtual assistant.

If you want to get started as a virtual assistant, and you’re a go-getter looking to bootstrap your way to success, this is an eBook you can’t afford to miss.

Excerpt on Creating Your Business Plan

Excerpt on Getting Clients

The Bootstrap VA is a great book to invest in (only $9.99 on Amazon at the time of this post) to learn how to become a virtual assistant from home. It was well worth my money. I’ve learned, implemented, and enjoyed the process of going through it. And as Lisa mentioned in her description, when purchasing the ebook you get access to another great resource, a closed Facebook group where you can interact with other virtual assistants of varying levels. Lots of great information to learn there! You really can’t go wrong by getting this ebook.

To learn more or buy the ebook (only $9.99), Click here to visit The Bootstrap VA.

The Bootstrap VA




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